NoxBond 32 Degrees

 Real Life Music, in association with TSO Music Group, and Live Mixtapes proudly announce the upcoming project 32°

In  an oversaturated industry, where artists try to compete with each  other, NoxBond stands out as a Mogul, and an expert bar-smith.

NoxBond  owns the #1 DJ Coalition on Google, and has 700+ DJs partnered with  him, and he owns a congolomerate of labels, currently at 68 imprints,  that are signed to his Real Life Music Syndicate.

32° is the freezing point.

It is also a highly respected Masonic Degree, which NoxBond has attained, so the name has more than one meaning.

32° is original, clever, catchy, and entertaining.

When  you hit play , and you hear NoxBond talking about an old soul, and  trading Gold for aluminum foil, and his DJ and A&R being on a tour  with Platinum producer Drummaboy, it immediately stands out. This isn’t  your typical over saturation. This is deep. It’s not often that you hear  a rapper talk about things like reincarnation and business, but it’s a  much needed break from the simple rhyme schemes and repetetive concepts  of typical rap music.

Fun fact : There was a point in time where aluminum was worth more than gold.

NoxBond just taught you that.

It  lightens up with songs like Twerkin on camera, Ay Whoa, and “Fuckin  shit up” with UMG/CMG/Real Life/BET artist Trill Will, and “Raise the  alarm” with his brother Real Life Lukazi, these are feel good songs  where you are just there to have a good time.

 and gets darker  and more street on the  heavy hitting “Send Dem Shots” featuring battle  rap legend, Jag, and “Mistake” a grimey street record about revenge.

There  are very commercial radio singles, with the songs “Live My Life”  featuring Real Life Music artist 2hgKET who has several videos on  HalfPintFilmz Youtube, and another song with NoxBond’s bro Jag called  “Candy” which is dripping with commercial appeal.

There  are dark commercial radio club singles, like “Powder” featuring Trill  Ent artist Joeazzy who has millions of views, and NoxBond’s bro Trill  Will, “Die 4” featuring Joeazzy and “Poppin Shit” with Mediabase/BDS  charting Real Life Music artist Dre Banks, and then Check My Resume and  Presedence just set it off to complete the soundscape and turn the  temperature down to 32°

Dropping on 10/1/21 via LiveMixtapes/TSO Music Group/Real Life Music,LLC with support from Next Level DJ Coalition

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