I Know People Who Listen To Rap… “Keep Going” (Clean) by Lungz

Keep Going” by Lungz featuring beats by S.D. Nass Review
By Bri Lamontagne

This song starts with a slower synth beat that remains pretty steady throughout. In all, the song is comprised more of music than lyrics. The lyrics it does have seem to generally speak about the current state of the world with its struggles and the fear of the police that often relates particularly to the Rap community. To get this point across, they use clear imagery and metaphors that, while a bit cliché, are also profound. That’s probably why they’ve become cliché, after all. Personally, I think avoiding clichés has become too cliché – that is to say, clichés deserve more use and respect than modern English professors claim.

The small part in the middle, smooshed between the conglomeration of verses, as it’s hard to determine how verses are separated in this song, was so fast that the lyrics were impossible for me to decipher. From what words I could catch, they may have been about the musicians and their particular lives.

The only repeated section is once at the beginning and once at the end, more of an intro/outro than a “chorus”, though I suppose it does fall under the title of “refrain”. The rhyming is well done, though: throughout the song, even the faster bit of rap lyrics, and using many references to other musicians and historical figures. The rhyming is, for me, the most impressive part of this song. The vocal harmonies between the two main singers are also really good. I don’t exactly understand the relevance of all of the references made, such as to Charlemagne, but that could be explained in the section of lyrics I can’t make out. Someone with a better ear for that style of rap may be able to pick it up.

For fans of Rap music, this is certainly a new anthem to add to your playlists.


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