Lungz 4 Hire Releases “Time Waits For No Man T.W.F.N.M. Remastered (ft. JaySicko)”

Having been an official judge for Pound-the-Pavement’s “Art of Darkness Contest,” it was only a matter of time before JaySicko would meet with Lungz (aka Lucas Ewings) in person. In the summer of 2020 Lungz 4 Hire made it a priority to visit Collateral Ent. and work on a few tracks with the “voice of the one deep” himself. JaySicko recorded and engineered the hood favorite “Chop Snake (ft. Lungz and Cee Note)” as well as the hypnotic “King Talk (ft. Lungz)” specifically for SoundCloud to build up hype. “Time Waits for No Man” was recorded as the crown jewel of these awesome summer sessions and released on all platforms June 28, 2020.

In August Collateral Records and hit you with the official Time Waits for No Man “Orange 🍊 Remastered” T.W.F.N.M. on all platforms and the response has been ecstatic. Click on the link below and follow Lucas Ewings on Spotify!

Check out our “Slidin'” by JaySicko (Review)!

Your Creative Culture Connect
Your Creative Culture Connect

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