5 Questions for PTP Web Designer Dustin Jonovan

Art by Steven Hampton

SignaMana: Dustin why is it that everytime we need you there’s a 95% chance you will soon be walking around the corner ready to provide the pure passionate playmaking that is the backbone of PTP?

Dustin Jonovan: It is truly a privilege. Thank you so much.

SignaMana: Dustin tell us how you founded the site please.

Dustin Jonovan: I just fell back peeped the scene and got in where I was needed, simple as that. I had been in the game and I felt a strong inclination that we needed a fresh new culture blog so I put it down and launched the site.

SignaMana: Dustin what is your mission?

Dustin Jonovan: To influence the culture in a way that moves mountains for the meek. Ya heard.

SignaMana: Um ok. (laughs) What is your next big post on the blog going to be about, sir?

Dustin Jonovan: We are sponsoring the DR. BIRD’S PTP CHALLENGE. Winner gets prizes from ST. JAMES Gentlemans Beard Care, Moneytrees Clothing and BST GFX USA.. So we are excited to see the competition battle it out. Big results with these network opportunities in the recent past and we are humbly expecting for that same energy in this particular challenge as well. The DR BIRDS PTP Challenge is going to bring out the wolves ladies and gentlemen. Corona schmona. We will be posting the entries on Pound The Pavement FB.

SignaMana: Can not wait sir. Dustin, is there a specific format that you use to brand the site?

Dustin Jonovan: We just keep our ear to the street. Work hard. Play hard.

Working Hard like an Ugly Stripper

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