DJ So Shrewd Interviews DC Da Bomb of DC & Company (Press Version)

So Shrewd: Lets get down to business. What is your name and what do you do?

DC: My name is DC and I am a wicked wordsmith. Songs are my passion right now.

So Shrewd: What songs are you currently working on?

DC: Release My Rage remix and Passion Princess. For Release my rage we will have a female vocalist. It will be some kind of metal. Passion Princess will be a sensual pop song..

So Shrewd: What is your strongest attribute?

DC: My knowledge and command of the English language. Finding word combinations that are smooth sounding hooks for song concepts.Like my daughter and her friend were joking around and her friend said “You’re dead to me,” then I wrote a song about that concept..

So Shrewd: So you’re good with the words. What would would be a skill you need to improve on?

DC: Writing to musical beats. I write in syllables which can be translated into bars but writing bars i need to work on.

So Shrewd: What would be the biggest obstacle in reaching your goals?

DC: Trusting people is an obstacle. There is no pill for paranoid and there are times i think everyone hates me and I self prophecy and then back off. I get anxiety and isolate myself. This is something I am better at now than when i was a young man but it pops up now and then still.

So Shrewd: How do you plan on overcoming that obstacle?

DC: Be in charge of my brain instead of letting my negativity take over and believe the lie that people don’t like me. Because I have many positive attributes that people are drawn to. When I remember that I get more anxious.

So Shrewd: What do you think of plagiarism?

DC: Everyone steals concepts. Go down through history . Somewhere along the line someone mentioned “to die is like an orgasm,” and that has been copied a lot. But each person puts their own spin on it. When the lines are used exactly the same it is a laziness and should never be done.

So Shrewd: Do the clothes make the man or does the man make the clothes?

DC: When a guy knows he looks great his confidence goes up and confidence is always good. But if all you have is clothes you will be exposed.

So Shrewd: What’s a good life hack?

DC: If you dream it, work hard and don’t let anyone’s negativity persuade you from achieving your dream.

So Shrewd: Last question. Do you know how to do a cartwheel?

DC: Sure you get on top of her and move your head in a figure eight pattern and don’t pound too hard. Relax your inner muscle.





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