Man On Fire

     Meet DC! Born in Haverhill, MA. he moved to Newton, NH. at 4 years old. His first poem as a junior, called “The Invisible Man,” made it in the Best of year newsletter. DC graduated from Sanborn RHS 1986.

     Entering a poetry contest in 1995 DC was published by the National Library. DC finished in the top 3% out of 5000 entries with a poem he wrote while working at the YMCA. His poem was titled “ The Scene : A Lovescape.” 


     Destroyed by criticism In 1997 DC stopped writing for a decade. Fast forward to 2008 he picked up the pen to write his wife a song. The single was recorded in a friend’s closet sized studio. DC started writing poetry again with the intention of music being added. In 2013 started to advertise to get musicians to work with him. In the summer of 2015 DC recorded a gem titled “Release My Rage” produced and cowritten by Dave Weird Beard Mccafferty.

     In spring of 2016 DC recruited the jazz fusion musician and producer Funkee Boy who taught DC how to properly write musical lyrics. DC proceeded to add more visual details to the lyrics. In August of 2016 DC recorded the indie jewel “Change The Voice” with Demo My Song. The song was published by Laetoli Publishing in September of that year leading DC to sign with Signature Management. 


     DC is writing every day with full intention of securing his place on the Billboard charts. We are thankful and proud to have DC as lead staff writer in our musical family. His writing is ever evolving. “Release My Rage” the remix is one of a string of blazing hits set for 2017 release on NXT LVL Publishing & Company. <— Click Link For DC & Company Original Music

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