Wet Feet

    17 years of age with a free pitcher of beer in a rockin night club. I had the priviledge of being more than just a tag along to my older sister’s rock band. I actually performed as their opening act. In a time where the whole rapmetal craze was relatively new I was raging hip hop lyrics against a five piece well oiled machine. I had started writing songs in 5th grade. It wasn’t until 11th grade that I started doing shows with my sister’s band. Remembering how nervous I used to get is quite funny now. If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would say, “Enjoy the moment man! Take a deep breather and look at all of this! You are part of something bigger than yourself! Have fun! You’re not the only one on stage! The world doesn’t revolve around you! Get out there and work as a team!” It’s not that easy as a budding young rap vocalist though is it? It’s like a competitive sport.Once I was up on that stage it felt like all eyes were on me. I remember I would get real cold sometimes and Alex (lead guitar,) would tell me “Breath.” I was comforted by that gesture of advice. Once i had that mic in my hand it was over. I had the crowd jumping like rabid monkeys. The fusion of funk, metal, classic rock and rap was just what the doctor ordered in Colorado Springs CO. 

    Although I was self absorbed at times I made some friends for life thanks to my older sister She exposed me to a whole new crowd. Remembering those times and how we would get together for rehearsal makes me yearn for that family bond in music making again. Back before napster killed music sales. Before Limp Bizkit spawned a wave of numetal underlings. There was just something different about the music world. If there is any way that I can contribute to bringing back that love and common bond I will. I shall. 

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