The Opening

     In the beginning of my intergalactic ride through the music game I was in it for the money, power and respect. I was 15 so I didn’t even know what that meant only that Biggie and Pac had it. If they could have it I could have it. 

     I soon found that I could make my own tapes by recording my vocals over instrumentals. These instrumentals I looped by recording the first 10 seconds of a song from one tape to the other and then pushing pause to rewind the first tape back to the beginning. I would repeat the process over until I had a long enough vocal free “beat” to rap over. Any of you ever done this? It doesn’t quite stay on beat but if you have skills you can make it work. Years later I heard De La Soul say that they started out with this same technique! 

     No matter how humble your beginnings: You can live your dream! What you need to know is that the artists you see and hear on the web and in sold out arenas seem bigger than life because they have a team of experts working to make them appear that way. We only see the end product when we consume entertainment. This is why it seems larger than life. In this blog I will be covering many subjects you have been interested in hearing about. I will be answering questions about the music industry that only an experienced professional could know. Signature Management is my company. Justin Aquino is my name. 

Welcome to my blog.

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