Ouija Macc – “PRETTY UGLY 2” review

Ouija Macc is a 36 year old rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada who I’ve covered multiple times up to this point. In 2017, the Insane Clown Posse signed him to Psychopathic Records shortly after putting out his debut EP Trashfire independently. Ouija has since proven himself as one of the most consistent & hard working […]

Ouija Macc – “PRETTY UGLY 2” review

Limp Bizkit – “Still Sucks” review

Limp Bizkit is an infamous rap metal band consisting of frontman Fred Durst, drummer John Otto, bassist Sam Rivers, guitarist Wes Borland & DJ Lethal on the turntables. $3 Bill, Y’all$ & Significant Other are both certified classics in their own rights, but Chocolate St★rfish & the Hot Dog Flavored Water kinda signaled the beginning […]

Limp Bizkit – “Still Sucks” review



From the album “Hall Of Fame 2.0”, available 12.3.21


Polo G is bringing us fire for the winter with his new record, Bad Man (Smooth Criminal) which is sure to be all over in the immediate future!

As soon as the room-shaking 808s hit, you know this is a party record,  and when the synths start vibrating in the background you know you are listening to the sound of the future.

This is what happens when True, Old school, POP meets rap!

Polo G is making a statement with this record. Pay attention! Lil Cap A Lot is dropping funny and attention grabbing lines like how he describes the color of his gun, earning the title of “Bad Man”.

This is the most gangsta pop music we’ve heard, and a great tribute to bring Smooth Criminal into 2021.

The hook reminds us that Polo G isn’t just another rapper, as he exhibits the golden vocals destined for massive notoriety.  

Follow Polo G on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/polo.capalot/

Shout out to the Promotion Team at Columbia Records

Meego Daigotti Chickens

Meego Daigotti Chickens is a straight club banger/ street anthem/radio hit. The beat comes in sounding like 6 Rockford Fosgates 15s bumpin in a 84 Eldorado on daytons. the way Meego Daigotti murders this beat is like a mix of Juevenile mixed with UGK and TI straight hard punch lines with a lot of sauce and at the same time hitting you with the truth. The sauce reminds you of Back That Azz Up! Meego Daigotti definately has a Hit Record on his hands